love you forever.

in honor of mother’s day (rather, in honor of my mother) i wanted to tell you all a little bit about how huge of an impact my mom has had on my life.


there are just so many reasons to love my mom. it’s because of her that i am who i am today. the things she’s taught me, the ways she’s loved me. there’s so many things i’m thankful for.

so thanks, mom, for all the times:

– you’ve told me, in no uncertain terms, that you love me. that it’s not because of what i do or say, but rather because of who i am, and that nothing will ever, ever change that.

– you have been an example of a Christ-loving , Godly woman. for leading bec and i in morning devotions. for always encouraging us to pray and seek God when things are good and when things are bad.

– you’ve encouraged me in whatever i was doing, be it baseball, piano, singing, writing, acting, or dancing. your words were often the difference between doubting myself and feeling like maybe i was really worth something.

– you had me write out proverbs 15:1 (because there were multiple times!). those words, now written on the tablet of my heart, have helped guide me in the way i speak and the way i handle frustrating circumstances. i know, and have experienced, how a gentle word turns away anger.

– you took care of me when i was sick (or pretended so i could stay home and read). the way you would clean the sheets and get the bed ready, pull the tv in so i could watch some movies, and made chicken soup, which somehow tasted the best when you made it.

– you took care of me even when i didn’t want you to. for the times you knew what was best and didn’t back down because you thought i might get mad. for the discipline that shaped me into the man i am today. and for, even when i was in trouble, always reminding me that you loved me.

– you taught me to respect women. for the way you would wait for me to open the door for you. for the way you wouldn’t reprimand me for pushing people out of the way in order to hold the door open for them. for all the dates we went on, and making me feel like i really was treating you. for teaching me how to love my future wife well, whoever she may be.

– you let me keep useless stuff because it looked cool. for that one drawer you let me fill to the brim (but no more) with gadgets and puzzles and spy stuff.

– you would tell me, in front of him, how much you loved dad. how he made you laugh (and how that was really important) and let you cry on his shoulder. how you support him and tell him when he’s being stupid.

– how you have always told us that the best thing you’ve ever done is be our mom.

i will never be ashamed of being called a mama’s boy.

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5 thoughts on “love you forever.

  1. Jessica Hill says:

    one in a MILLION, Brad.

  2. Terri Petracca says:

    What a blessed wife you will have. And I am sure she will be amazing, like you ❤

  3. Brad, this really is beautiful. We have the best mom in the world, don’t we?? 🙂

    PS-I can’t believe you faked being sick so you could stay home and read. It’s not the playing hooky part that gets me… it’s the fact that you did it so you could READ (not watch movies or play video games or anything like that…) 😉

  4. […] that she loves us is cooking. there are many, many other ways as well (which you can read all about here) like sending cards and giving hugs and doing our laundry and loving dad well and telling us all […]

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