two weeks.

can we talk about how there’s only two weeks left of class this whole year?

that makes NO sense. at all. none.

how the heck can there only be two weeks left? it feels like just last week i was getting back from christmas break, ready to start my new classes. now all of a sudden, my summer plans are within sight, no longer just vague ideas that stay lazily in the back of my mind. shoot, i’ve already signed up for my classes next semester.

ah, yes, classes. see, ball state transitioned over to some brilliant new system for this upcoming year and was really making a big deal about how all students needed to attend at least one seminar on how to use it so that they wouldn’t be freaking out. so naturally, no one went, and everyone’s freaking out. but that’s to be expected. they were also emphasizing that all students had a specific time slot to during which they could sign up, and that if you missed it, well… you could still request classes, i guess, but you shouldn’t count on getting in. i had sort of become familiar with the system ahead of time, and i thought it would be relatively easy to just put in the course request numbers and click submit. i was pretty proud of myself, actually. so it really threw me for a loop when one of my classes was already full, and i couldn’t get in.

there are few things on this earth that cause an adrenaline rush as massive as the one initiated by the error message on the course request window. and it makes no sense, but that’s kind of just how it works.

suddenly everything i was doing became more urgent. i was digging through my backpack for no reason, shuffling papers around like it was my job, and desperately trying to figure out how i could turn all this insanely nervous energy towards actually solving the problem (which, to remind you, wasn’t actually a huge deal). i was convinced that somehow my hour for signing up had all bled away, and because of this one stupid class i was going to now fail out of ball state.

you know, rational thinking and all that.

i managed, after a few more frenzied minutes, to email the professor asking for permission to enter the class anyway, and then signed up for an online social work class as a buffer in case the answer was no.

my heart rate increased just retelling that story. maybe i have to few things to really worry about.

regardless, the crisis was averted. classes are signed up for. all in all, it went pretty smoothly. i’ve been put on a waiting list for the class, and if i don’t get in, that’s okay too, because i still have my online class. so there’s that.

the other part of there being only two weeks left is the fact that a million projects are soon due.

which is probably why i’m writing this. i just don’t feel like working on any of it.

there’s more i could write about, but the fact is that i really, really need to get working. i’ll write more later, when i have a better reason to be slacking off. unfortunately, that time is not now.

to the syllabus!

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One thought on “two weeks.

  1. Jessica says:

    you got this bud!

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