lists of things.

right, so. lots of things have been happening. lots of good things, and neutral things. but i haven't done a list in a while, so…

1.) my social work 230 online class is complete! it's a huge weight off my shoulders. it's been a good experience; i've learned a lot about myself and about the social work profession, which is pretty much all you can ask for from a class like this. i'd say that if i did it over again, i wouldn't procrastinate as much, but that would be a lie.

2.) unfortunately, even though i'm done with this class, i still have a crap ton of other work to do. there's kind of no time to rest. so… there's that.

3.) i'm realllly not wanting to work the late nite carnival. i'm just not. twelve hours of standing does not sound fun.

4.) started reading the book of jude this week. i realized that the structure of the study i was going through (galations in a twelve week study) was good, but felt repetitive. i was finding every posible excuse to not read it, and ultimately it wasn't doing me a whole lot of good. i wasn't in the word at all, and i wasn't desiring God, and I was just feeling totally overwhelmed and weary. nathan once told me that he thinks sometimes spiritual exhaustion can manifest itself in physical symptoms, and i really think it's true, because once i started spending some intentional time with Jesus, i began to feel more refreshed. it's a cool thing. so anyway. part of that was to start reading jude. i'm going to just read it every day this week (it's only a chapter) and then for the next few weeks just find out everything i can about it… sermons, different translations, studies, things like that. maybe i'll even try to memorize it! for the first time in a while, i'm finding myself to be truly excited about getting into the bible. it's another cool thing.

5.) i need to do my laundry. i'm kind of holding out to see how long i can last before it absolutely has to be done. this could get interesting.

6.) last friday night some of the guys and i had a movie night, and it was one of the greatest nights i've had in a while. nathan, chad, brandon, daniel and i just crashed in our room (with soda and little debbie snacks) and hung out for a little bit, waiting to see if others would show up. we watched live free or die hard, which is just the epitome of a guy's movie. we're talking helicopters being blown up by cars, totally unnecessary traffic jams and gunfights, acrobat assassins, kung-fu computer geniuses… and a guy that takes a bullet just so he can shoot the bad guy. it was great. it wraps up and i'm thinking maybe we'll head to bed… it's one in the morning at this point. but chad's like, hey, i'll go see what movies i have. and then BAM, we end up watching the emperor's new groove.and we're quoting it the whole time. i'm so glad we didn't go to bed at one, cause that movie was even better. three in the morning, my head hits the pillow. it was great. those are some pretty sweet guys. what a blessing.

7.) the following day i got to have lunch with christy! another blessing (even though she tried to surprise me but didn't)!

8.) sometimes i find myself wondering about this whole college thing. like, i love it here. and i know that God has used it to grow me immensely. and i've learned a lot about myself and social work and made new friends and grown closer to a lot of people in a lot of cool ways. but i've slowly been realizing that although i have this vague vision of me in the future  being a social worker and counseling troubled kids (cause that's what i'm wanting to do), there is literally nothing i can do to stop God from switching things up. like, what if i don't end up being a social worker? what if His plan for me is totally different than mine?

9.) doesn't mean it'll for sure happen. but it's a legit possibility. keeps me on my toes. in a good way, i think. there's definitely a lot of comfort in knowing that, no matter what i do/don't know, God's got it all worked out. and He's known since before i was born.

10.) midnight premier of the hunger games on thursday at midnight? yes please. i'm more excited than i anticipated.

11.) nathan and i made banana bread today. not sure how it tastes yet, but i have high hopes.

12.) guys, camp is coming, and i'm so excited.

13.) this whole one-a-day origami thing isn't as great as i thought, for two reasons: first, lots of the things they have me make are really, really stupid, and i don't want to take pictures of them. secondly, i really underestimated the scope and strength of my laziness.

14.) got to skype with jake mcmahon tonight. it was long overdue and a real blessing. that kid might get his mission call in a few weeks. that, even for me, is a little surreal.

15.) is fifteen enough, or should i round up to twenty?

16.) round up. definitely round up.

17.) i saw a youtube video of a legit card trick, and i actually figured it out! i was surprised, and kind of proud. maybe that's a bad thing. but watch out, those of you that i'll be seeing over break! i might be testing it out on you!

18.) i'm in the process of editing a video together, and i'm realizing how much i miss it from middle/high school. those were fun times.

19.) i hope the rest of the year isn't overcome with nothing but schoolwork and workwork. i have a sinking feeling it just might be.

20.) i recently rediscovered rich mullens, and have been listening to a combination of his songs, steven curtis chapman's re:creation, and sara groves' add to the beauty and it's been a great mix. 

21.) college mentors is wearing on me a little bit. i was talking with stephanie today, though, about how it's totally not my job to "change" these kids. it's not about hanging out with a kid that maybe doesn't have manners (or doesn't have many social skills, or doesn't understand when to get serious, or doesn't understand what is and isn't appropriate to say in certain situations… hypothetically) and then change them by hanging out with them enough. totally not about that. it's about showing a kid that there will always be someone who, no matter what, holds them in high regard, and will love them. no matter what they do, say, or act like. it's good for me to remember that.

22.) long walks at night when one can clearly see the stars… that is a very good thing.

23.) i'm in a constant state of realizing over and over that i need so much wisdom for so many things. this wisdom does not come from within. it never has.

24.) part of me is really wanting to come up with something profound for the last point… especially since i ended up rounding up again to twenty-five (it's just such a great number!).

25.) all i got is that i'm super excited for this banana bread.

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2 thoughts on “lists of things.

  1. Eric says:

    Is this your first comment?

    I decided to comment since I don’t see you often enough. 🙂

    4.) Good call getting out of Galatians and into Jude. Do what stirs your affections, not what you feel like you should! (PS. All that history talk sounds like a certain quadrilateral…)

    8.-9.) Right there with you.

    10.) HUNGER. GAMES. YES.

    11.) You guys have any left for your favorite ex-Bible study leader?

    20.) Rich Mullins is the man!

    21.) I’ve been going through a similar thing with student ministry. It’s easy to forget that our best role is just being present.

    22.) YES, invite me next time 🙂

    23.) yep.

    25.) See #11.

    There ya go, a nice long comment for a nice long post! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Jessica says:

    your life is silly. I like it!

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