week eight: savor.

i chose that title because this is the second-to-last week, and i’ll be doing everything for the second-to-last time this week. it’s feeling really weird, but i’m getting used to the idea. i’m warming up to the idea of one and a half more weeks of camp, one week at home, and then a year at school.

this week a lot of things have been really good. all of it is thanks to the Lord. this cabin is, as always, a great group of kids. they’re all just really sweet, and more than any other cabin, i feel like they really, really appreciate the little things that gus and i do. if we give them a small compliment, it makes their day, or they really notice when we spend time with them. tonight two of them gave me a hug and told me they were going to miss me when i was gone. it’s just really rewarding when the kids simply want to be around you.

today i also received a parent evaluation in our mailbox. parents are able to fill out an eval after they return home to let the directors know what was great, what wasn’t, what their kids learned, and stuff like that. scott reads some of them at the staff meetings each week, and gus and i got a really good one from week one, but otherwise we hadn’t really heard anything. this eval that we received today was from the parent of one of the kids i grew closest with this summer. he was the one who cried when i talked to him at the end of the week (i’m pretty sure i wrote about him). anyway, his mom talked about how muh of an impact i’d had on this boy, and how she was amazed how close we’d become in such a short time. she said that the parent letter i wrote brought tears to her eyes.

it was so, so encouraging to know that not only did i have an impact on the boy, but that the mom noticed changes in him, and knew things that he’d learned and improved on. it was really awesome that she saw how much he’d meant to me too.

i have to wrap this one up. i will probably post once more this weekend. i feel like i’ve been slacking a little, and for that i apologize. please, i ask that you continue praying for these kids, that the Lord and His love would be real to them, and that He would continue to sustain all the counselors. pray above all that His will would be accomplished and that He would be brought glory in everything we do.

thanks a ton, guys. love you all!


2 thoughts on “week eight: savor.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are an amazing, amazing servant for the Lord, Brad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are an amazing, amazing servant for the Lord, Brad.

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