here’s what i’m wanting to do with this journal. just so i have some kind of direction.

i’m going to be talking about camp a lot here for the next ten weeks, understandably. i’ll be telling stories, writing about the kids i meet and the things we do. i’ll be talking about my reactions and how i’m holding up and everything. i’ll be posting pictures every now and then, hopefully. this will be a place where anyone can come and read a few paragraphs and be up to date on what’s going on in my life. i’m just gonna be really honest with what i write; some days might suck, but if that’s the case then others will certainly be uplifting.

this summer i’m going to be studying the book of romans. i hope to post every now and then on the things i’m going through, stuff that God’s been teaching me, and hopefully areas in my life that i can see God working and helping me apply the things i’m learning. i want to know more about God by the end of this summer, to have a fuller picture of His character and person. romans is one of my favorite books of the bible; it’s chock full of the gospel and beautiful truth. by the end of the summer i want to love Jesus more because of this book, as well as my experiences with camp and the kids and staff.

along those lines, i’m wanting to talk about attributes of God that He’s revealing to me throughout the weeks. i’m sure that the devil will try on every possible angle to bring me and the rest of the staff and the kids down, to focus on things other than God. keeping my mind on God and the way He is in every part of my life is a good way to guard against that.

i’m also going to be posting regular prayer requests every week, for specific people and specific situations, personal and otherwise. the praying body of christ is a powerful thing, and the prayer requests will have the dual effect of letting you all know what’s going on, and providing opportunities to support me in prayer.

so anyway. that’s what i’m hoping for this journal. i’m getting really excited for God to start working. He already is, i’m sure. He’s got everything worked out, and what a blessing that is.

Lord, I ask that you would have Your hand of blessing over all the people who are going to be involved at camp tecumseh this summer. i pray for the other staff Lord, that You would form strong bonds of friendship and trust this summer between all of the staff people. i pray that the leadership would be solid and we would all find true brothers and sisters in You. i also as Lord that you would help everyone work well together, that different personalities and attitudes wouldn’t clash, but rather that everyone would be working together for one cause: to make Your name known and to bring You glory. i pray for the campers that are coming this summer. i pray that You would be working in their hearts even now, Lord, chipping away at the hearts of stone so that Your Word can get in. i ask that they would form close friendships with the other kids they’re bunking with, that they would trust and respect their leaders, and that ultimately they would come away loving You more. i ask that this would be a generation of kids who are defined by their love for and devotion to You, that they would grow up to be a light in this world. You know the specific things that every single kid is going through, God. i ask that You would meet them where they are, that they would see the beauty in You truth. i pray that everyone would just have fun; that it would be a summer to remember and that everyone would stay safe and make great memories. thank You that You are a God who loves having fun. i pray above all Lord that You would be glorified in everyone that goes on this summer, and that everything I do would bring You glory and make You more beautiful to those around me. all these things, i pray in Your Son’s perfect name. amen.

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