moving on.

1.) so these past few days have been very lazy. and i totally approve; i’ve needed the sleep and i think it’s been good to kind of lounge around the house and catch up on rest and just experience a lack of rushing around to get things done. however, i’m starting to feel like it’s enough. there are some things i need to get done and people i want to see.

2.) this weekend will be great, because i’ll get to see matt and hang out with him, christian, and dylan, who are basically my best friends back home. we’re gonna meet up at dylan’s house on friday night, hang out, through saturday morning, and then get back together on saturday evening to film something (i don’t know… dylan’s always got these ideas planned) and hang out some more. then we’ll stay the night again. it’ll be really, really good to see these guys because, for one, these are the friends i have that will truly last. we’ve already stood the "test of time" as it were, going our separate ways, and we always come back together. it’s refreshing and quite a relief to have friends like that. secondly, i just have fun with them. i don’t have to worry about making up fun things to do with them, because spending time with each other is often enough. we can just talk for hours, which is good. i can’t wait to see them.

3.) i’ll also get to see em and derek this weekend, which will be nice. em and i, just through random texts and messages, have gotten a little closer over the past few months, which i’ve really enjoyed. it’s her birthday, so i’ll have to dress up the gift a little 🙂 but it’s okay cause i like doing that kind of stuff.

4.) the toughest thing about being home from college with only three weeks before leaving again; all my high school friends are still involved in school, and i’ll only have a few days open with them before i leave. at the same time, i feel like this is partly (HA! completely!) God’s providence. the other day i went to leadership to see my friends, and it was a completely different group. i just felt like i was no longer a part of it. while at first it saddened me, i realized it was definitely a blessing from the Lord–one of the reasons i’d hesitated going to camp was because i was thinking about all the stuff i’d miss out on while not being in newburgh helping with wyldlife. seeing how different the group was, it makes it easier to detach myself. in a good, healthy way; i’ve moved on, and even though i still hang out with wyldlife people, im’ not part of it anymore. and that’s okay.

5.) i was talking to dad the other day about how this year is unique. i know people in high school from every grade; obviously the returning members of ks, but also some of the freshman because of wyldlife. next year will be much different. basically no one in wyldlife will know me. only a few people in ks will know me (i’ll probably visit only once), and generally speaking only a few of my friends will still be in high school. but that’s okay; life goes on. God has been really faithful in revealing this gently to me.

6.) i’m going to eat brunch now. mom made eggs and bacon. yaaaaaayyyyy!

7.) that is all.

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