because it wouldn’t be official unless it’s past midnight.

1.) God is good. i was able to finish a ton of stuff today even though it was frantically put together and everything.

2.) social work paper? done. i literally made things up in it, though. not so proud of that, but i didn't have a choice. unfortunate but true.

3.) honors 202 group project is actually not due next friday. it's due this friday. thankfully, it's simple enough that it didn't matter. it just means tomorrow i'll be really busy during the day. it's whatever.

4.) i'm listening to mumford and sons right now. such good music! with the exception of little lion man, which is still an amazing song, there's no language, and actually, as i listen to it, a lot of the lyrics seem to deal with spiritual things. sexual purity, grace and forgiveness, stuff like that. i was surprised, but pleased. so… pleasantly surprised. something about the acoustic guitar mixed with the intense bass drum + intense vocals for the bridge really strikes a powerful chord. i love their music. love it.

5.) today i went onto youtube and downloaded a bunch of music from steven curtis chapman's older songs. it brought back a huge wave of nostalgia. steven curtis chapman was really the first christian artist i'd ever heard, and i was captivated by his song dance with the dinosaurs specifically (it was just so COOL!) along with the rest of the cd. i relived all of it tonight when i should have been doing homework. but it was totally worth it.

6.) two weeks from tomorrow (or technically today) i will be taking my last final of freshman year. that is insane. really. i can't believe it. i think soon i'm going to post an entry about things i've learned in college or something. it'll probably be put on facebook too. i don't know. it's weird that life keeps moving on sometimes. it's like, when you're in the thick of it, it doesn't seem to be moving quickly at all. it's just during the transitionary periods of school to summer or high school to college that you have a chance to look back and realize that holy crap, things have changed and time has passed. every year i look back and find things i would have tried harder at. this year, to pick one out of many, i've decided that i don't want to say that about sharing the Gospel with chris. i'm gonna try to talk to him before the year's up. maybe it'll happen. Lord, please give me the strength and the courage. i am willing to be used by You, if that's Your will.

7.) today i found out that an acquaintance from high school has melanoma, stage three. i try not to fall into that mindset that seems to common, that suddenly he and i had a bunch of memories together and were really close when we were both in high school. it's just not the case; neither of us knows the other very well. but looking at the intense amount of support on his facebook wall… it was staggering. and really, truly uplifting. alex i know must be scared, but he's very good about putting on a brave face. i just can't imagine being in that kind of position. he's far braver than i, i think. Lord, keep him safe, please. draw him closer to You and use his situation to do the same with others. give him a distinctly heavenly peace, and let it pass on to others. i pray that his peace would show others Your infinite peace that passes all understanding. You know what You're doing, Lord, and that is so beautiful. thank You.

8.) it's two thirty right now.

9.) i need to have ten things on this list, because i need to.

10.) let me think of something significant. maybe a song lyric or something. here's some cool ones from mumford: darkness is a harsh term, don't you think? and yet it dominates the things i see. it seems all my bridges have been burned. but you say that's exactly how this grace thing works. it's not the long walk home that will change this heart, but the welcome i receive with a restart.

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