pastor ted.

my childhood pastor is now on facebook, and it’s basically the best thing ever. every few days he’ll write a short note (he says they’re meant to be read in sixty seconds) on a passage of scripture he’s been reading. they’ll pop up on the newsfeed every now and then, and when they do i’ll read them. today i saw one that talked about Jesus interceding for us specifically by prayer. i’ll just repost it here because i’ll never do it justice.

“Perhaps no sin grieved the repentant heart of Peter more than his three shot rapid fire denial of Jesus. The sorrow was no doubt intensified by remembering that his Savior had warned him about what he was going to do before it even happened. Three truths are very encouraging. One, our Savior knows exactly how we will sin against Him in the future and still loves us. Two, He prays for us concerning those very sins-especially that we will not lose our faith and that we will recover from our falls. And three, His prayers on our behalf will surely be answered. Jesus told his overly confident disciple “…but , I have prayed for you…and WHEN (not “if”) you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.” (Luke 22:32) Christ’s on going prayer for us is one of the reasons we never actually “throw in the towel”. “He is able to save [us] to the the uttermost…SINCE He always lives to make intercession for [us]” (Hebrews 7:25) How sweet it is! Lord Jesus, thank you for your prayers on our behalf. In your holy name, Amen”

what a cool and comforting thought: Jesus is praying for me, knowing specifically the temptations i’ll be facing. and what’s really awesome is that no one denies Jesus’ prayers… He’s God! sort of going back to yesterday’s post; God created everything huge and awesome, then zoomed into the teeny tiny earth that he created, then zoomed all the way in again to have a personal relationship. and even though i completely rebel against Him after all that He’s done to be with me, He prays for me. for me, specifically. how amazing, how humbling, is that?

that’s all. i gotta go to bed. God, You are amazing!

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