the nin9s and canis majoris.

i just finished watching a movie called the nin9s with ryan reynolds and melissa mccarthy. i noticed it at family video a while back and rented it, but never got around to actually watching it. but it was on netflix, and i couldn’t sleep, so i figured i’d watch it.

it was a very intriguing film… definitely not what i expected. there were basically three stories that took place, all played by the same actors, and all related; the first followed an infamous actor on house arrest in a screenwriter’s house because he burned his own house down and drank and drove. the next followed the screenwriter, although apparently he and the actor were living in the house at the same time, but… in different universes? it was a trip. the final story followed the character of the screenwriter as an actual person, along with his family. again, all three stories overlapped and the main characters were played by the same people.

basically the twist was that the main male character (played by ryan reynolds) was a "nine" and as such was a multi-demensional, almost omniscient being. the idea was, the ideal concept of God would be a ten, and humans are sevens (it also mentioned that koalas are eights and are both telepathic and control the weather. it was literally mentioned in a sentence and then never referenced again). while an intriguing concept, it felt a little… incomplete. there was certainly a lot of potential, especially when it hinted at the actor and screenwriter living in the same space, both thinking the house was haunted.

basically, ryan’s character ("g") created the world and got so wrapped up in it that he wanted to be involved, and became addicted. he created 90 versions of the world, and in the end decided that this version was the best. the antagonists ended up being other nines that were trying to stage an "intervention" of sorts to get g back to reality.

i think what i was left with was just a relief and gratitude that God is so above all that. He knows exactly what’s happening, and isn’t subject to petty human complaints or weaknesses. He created the world once, and decided it was good. when we screwed things up and sin entered the world, He didn’t hit the reset button. instead, He got personally involved and wrote Himself into the story… lots of that imagery is present in the film, but on a much more human level. now, granted, g was only presented as a nine, not a ten, but it was obvious that he was supposed to be earth’s God.

i don’t know if that makes any sense. it does to me. it’s just the kind of movie you have to see for yourself.

the other thing that this movie reminded me of was another movie i watched. i meant to write about it days ago, but i was too lazy and just didn’t feel like writing (why is it always past midnight that i feel totally fine with taking a while to just sit and write? it annoys me). it was actually a talk by louis giglio while on the "how great is our God" tour with chris tomlin. becca schafer showed it to andrew, who bought it and showed it to me, and i borrowed it and showed it to the guys at man time.

basically it takes a look at four stars in the universe. it’s goal was to put into perspective both God’s hugeness and our insignificance in comparison. i won’t go through all of it, but it outlined the proportional size of these stars if the earth were the size of a golf ball. the sun would be fifteen feet in diameter. beetelgeuse, the next star, would be the size of six empire state buildings. the next one, which i forget, would be the size of two golden gate bridges. and the final one, called canis majoris, would be the size of mount everest. and the earth would be a freaking golf ball.

here’s a picture comparing it with the size of our sun (not the earth):

Sun and VY Canis Majoris.svg

and, so we don’t lose perspective, here’s a picture of the sun comparing it to our planet:

yeah. and is there even a point in comparing the size of the earth to us as human beings?

crazy. God just revealed to me, i think for the first time, that the God of creation, who created these massive stars (the scriptures say He breathed them into existence) is the same as the God of faith, of Jesus. for some reason, i think i was separating those two in my mind. but no; the same God who created canis majoris out of literally nothing zoomed all the way in to earth, and then again zoomed all the way in to me personally, as well as everyone else on the earth, and desires a personal relationship with every single human being on the planet. it just doesn’t make sense.

that’s like, huge. just think about it. the same God who created a star that is 3,063,500,000,000m wide in diameter wants to know me personally. wants to know you personally. and He does! He does know us personally! we aren’t just some anomaly that happened to occur on one of the smaller planets He created. He specifically created mankind. wow. that is just crazy talk.

it makes zero sense. but we can know, without a single doubt, that it is true.

amen? amen.

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