hollywood is dead.

that new michael bublé song is stuck in my head! it’s so good though. so catchy, as always. when i turn on my tv, will you smile and wave at me, telling oprah who you are? love it.

it’s really late (or really early) and i’m tired, but i haven’t written anything of significance in a while, and i’m wanting to try to keep up with this. i just got back from zack’s house with tanner (zack stayed) and it was the most fun i’ve had in a long time. we drove up yesterday afternoon. when we got there we chilled for a bit, then thoroughly cleaned rich’s truck (zack’s uncle, basically). it was kind of soothing to just take time to work on something that wasn’t a paper or on a computer, and do it well. after an hour or two, that truck looked beautiful. we windexed the windows, vacuumed the interior, cleared out the compartments, all that stuff. tanner has his own legit business for car detailing, so he lives for this kind of thing, and he’s really good at it. after we finished, it felt great to just stand back and take a look. it felt great.

zack’s family is crazy. i’m not one to necessarily open up right away; i like to feel people out first. but zack’s family is not really like that. they treated me somewhere in between a guest and family. they didn’t jokingly insult me like they did tanner, but they definitely didn’t hold back. i loosened up a bit and decided i could be completely sarcastic with them, and they wouldn’t mind a bit. it was fun. it’s definitely a different dynamic than my family though. while we all joke around (especially now that bec and i have gone off to college… i feel like everyone’s mellowed a little more), there’s still definitely a sense of respect around the house. i would never yell at mom or tell her to do something that she just told me to do. like, ever. not just because i think i’d get in big trouble (which i would) but also because… we’re just not like that. joking is great, and we love it. but when humor borders on disrespect… or when it becomes disrespect without humor… then no. not happening. i’m not saying that’s necessarily what was happening at zack’s house at all; but it was leaning more in that direction certainly. just made me love my family more.

chris is coming to church tomorrow. i’m really encouraged by his interest. i don’t know if it’s just because he wants to go to lunch after or is sincerely wanting to go, but i know that God uses all things, so i know He’ll be working tomorrow. how cool is that? that i can know, without a doubt, that God’s will will be done? it’s awesome. it’s comforting. i was humbled because, as with bible study, i didn’t even think to invite him; it was austin’s idea because he had an extra seat in his car. but that just makes it even cooler, because it’s like God’s combining the efforts of all these people to draw chris closer to Him. i just think that’s a really awesome picture of His creativity and means. He will accomplish what He wants by doing and using what He wants.

on that note, i’m going to bed. there’s no way i’ll stay up for church if i stay up any later.

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