truth: i should be in bed.

but i procrastinated way too much and now i have a ton of spanish homework to do. also there’s a test tomorrow.


that was my exasperated laugh. i’m not actually finding any humor in this situación.

that was spanish. that was supposed to be funny.

i have made progress. now i’m only about two hours from being done.

why do i do this? i procrastinate like it’s my job. these past few weeks i was really proud of myself too, for planning my time and preparing for various activities and assignments that i had to do. but i totally blanked on this test, as well as a paper i have to write for monday that, by the way, i haven’t even started. it’s a perpetual cycle that i can never seem to get out of.

anyway. back to spanish.

six more activities. three videos and three freaking essays. i hate my life.

videos down. onto the essays.

ladies and gentlemen, i am done.

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