college mentors.

the following is a song written by my little buddy, lea. sung to the tune of ke$ha’s we r who we r.

i am dangerous
if you’re one of us then roll with us
cause i got my hot pants on tonight.

i’m superman and i’m dangerous
through my heart and through my soul
to the world

i have high hopes for next week. he’s already started coming up with dance moves and is hoping to add another verse. he’s legit excited about it, and it’s the best thing ever.

college mentors for kids is great. i’m really loving the time i’m able to spend with lea, and he always seems genuinely happy to see me when he comes in. last week he wrote me a short note saying i was the “best big buddy on earth” and that we were best buds. this week i got him some recee’s cups and write him a note too. he was really excited about it. for the activity today we just played some board games. lea and i played battleship (which was suprisingly intense), connect four (after a few rounds, we decided to play with our eyes closed. much more interesting.), and egyptian rat screw (which he only knows as ‘e.r.s.’). it was really fun. God willing, i’ll be able to stay with lea for three more years, because right now he’s in fifth grade. i’ll just follow him up through middle school.

it’s weird. i feel like i’m making more of an impact on lea than on parker. part of me really enjoys college mentors better, and the other part feels sort of guilty for saying that. i want to like them equally, especially since i’ve been with parker for longer. it’s just a little difficult when i feel like i’m actually getting a response when i interact with lea. parker certainly responds, and it seems that he enjoys our time together. but they’re just two completely different kids. parker seems to enjoy the stuff i bring, whereas lea seems to really enjoy just hanging out together.

does that make me really shallow? or impatient? when i feel like this i wonder about my intentions. am i doing this so that i can have fun? and only me? or are lea and parker’s interests put first? the thought of not doing kids hope hasn’t even crossed my mind; i have plenty of time and i really love meeting with parker. and i am always excited to go. sometimes i just wish i could tell whether or not he feels the same way.

yeah, that’s selfish. dang it.

regardless. i have been so blessed in so many ways. how awesome is it that i’m able to participate in two activities that i absolutely love? i don’t deserve any of it. God is so good.

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