today’s the day! the sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are–

*gasp* the tank is clean. THE TANK IS CLEAN!!

ah, finding nemo. my second favorite animated movie (just barely behind toy story 3). i’m not sure why i was thinking about it just now. that happens sometimes.

today’s been really good. mondays are like that for me, i think. classes are done in the morning, and today i had just enough to do that it kept me busy. i found a journal article for social work, and i don’t have to do reading for wednesday or friday. i do have some stuff for tomorrow… but i haven’t kept up with it, so i might just wing it. it’s whatever. pysch homework is done, and i think i understand everything; i’ll just run some stuff by bitner tonight before class starts.

today i got accepted into the facebook group for camp tecumseh. it’s starting to feel official now. i’m meeting people i’ll be working with, getting tax forms in the mail, and it’s like… real. i don’t know how to explain it. but it’s awesome. this is what i’m doing for my summer! plus, zack said that he and tanner could pick me up and drive me down to newburgh at least twice on some weekend. andrew said he wants to visit too. and mom and dad might come up once or twice to visit, which would be really nice. it just feels like things are falling into place. it feels right. thanks, God. You are too good to me.

jordan is visiting the week after this weekend! i’m really excited. he’ll be here friday evening through sunday morning. it’ll be great to just spend some quality time with that kid. i love him.

i have to finalize some stuff for college mentors for kids, but it looks like things might work out. andrew forgot to send out an email until today, so it might be late notice… but i’m crossing my fingers. if the team can’t come, then adrew can, and maybe i could just show a video of them playing. i think it’ll really be good for the kids to not only get to see and talk to someone in a wheelchair up close, but also see that they can actually play a sport! i hope everything works out.

i should probably get stuff ready for that. i have class in an hour, but i have enough time to try and get a few details worked out.

until next time!

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