events occur in real time.

no specific topic today. list time!

1.) dad and i spent the last three hours watching some 24. mom’s in new york, so dad’s home alone and it’s the perfect time to catch up on some episodes. we’re already over halfway through the second-to-last season! crazy.

2.) i ordered the last alex rider book in the mail last month. it came in the mail today and caught me by surprise. i approve.

3.) whenever i read, it makes me want to write. i haven’t written anything in a really long time. i always get caught up in one idea, but then school and life take over and i’m never able to finish it. maybe if i set some goals… i don’t know. we’ll see. i suppose i could post stuff about it on here, but i have to get in the groove first. that’s the problem.

4.) today is saturday. i don’t work, which is really nice, but on the other hand i’m sort of floundering for things to do. i have homework i should finish and stuff, but it’s not due tomorrow, so that makes it less of a priority. and there are always projects… my honors 202 project is due at the end of april, and my social work 100 paper is due tuesday. psych homework is due monday night. well shoot. maybe i’ll do psych homework tonight.

5.) i went to andrew’s power soccer game today! unfortunately i was only able to make it to one out of three, but the one i went to was lots of fun! i brought the camcorder out to take some shots and stuff, but i realized i don’t have the firewire, so i can’t transfer them onto my computer. we’ll have to wait til later. or maybe i should just buy my own firewire.

6.) skype is a wonderful thing. i just got to talk to jake and ryan for a half hour. two of my favorites.

7.) times like this, it’s really weird being in college. i have an entirely different life than i did just a year ago. not in a good or bad way. it’s just changed. it’s like… my experiences have made me a different person, as theirs have to them, and so when we interact, it’s new. we’re all different people. again, it’s not better or worse, it’s just different. some parts, i suppose, are sad. i feel like i know them a little less. i feel like chances i didn’t take to get to know them better are gone, now that we’re all going to be moving on. but some are good; in many ways we can relate to each other more. i guess it’s just all a part of growing up. i love my friends up at ball state. they are some of the people most important to me. but it feels like i’m two different people: college me and newburgh me. up here i have bible study, cru, kidshope and college mentors. in newburgh i have ks people, family, wyldlife, and home friends. those two sets have molded me into a new person. is this person good? was everything worth it? so many awesome things have happened this year. i met some new awesome friends, i’ve grown deeply in my faith and understanding of God. i’ve been impacted by people and have Lord willing had an impact on them. but when i go back to newburgh… sometimes it’s like i’m confronted with so many aspects that could’ve had more of an impact on me, or people that i could have had an impact on. and when i get to thinking about that, it makes me wonder. what if i’d shared the gospel with that person? or shown more love than i did to that guy? what if i’d focused more time on building into the lives of those around me? were those missed opportunities?

8.) apparently i did have a specific topic to talk about.

9.) i know that right now i’m in one of those odd, slightly nostalgic, slightly introspective moods. i don’t like them but can’t help it when they present themselves.

10.) i’m just ocd enough that i want to end this list with ten things.

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