lazy, lazy.

today’s been the most uneventful day since the semester started. i’ve done nothing all day. at least, that’s what it feels like. i know it’s not true, but it’s raining outside and i don’t have homework, so that’s sort of what it always feels like in these situations. there were definitely some fun things, though. jordan and logan came up today! logan’s visiting ball state to see if it’s a place he can see himself at (i said yes, he could) and jordan tagged along. it was so great seeing them, especially not in castle. they were at my school, instead of vise-versa. it was really nice. i always love seeing those guys.

after that, though, i literally did nothing. i mean i organized things a little bit and made some calls that had to be made, but i just sat around. i went over to zack’s room and watched a movie with him and tanner, which was fun. but all of a sudden it’s quarter after eight and i’ve done nothing. it’s not my favorite feeling ever.

to be honest, i don’t really understand it. i don’t know if there’s a lull in homework or if i’m just suddenly aware of all the time i used to fill watching netflix or playing games on my computer… i don’t know. it’s a weird, unsettling feeling. part of me wants to be doing things, getting up and just doing something, but the other part of me wants to spend some time away from people, just… continuing this pattern of inactivity for a while. i meant to get into the Word earlier, but i just didn’t get around to it.

i think that’s the thing: quiet time to think isn’t bad, but i just can’t stand this sort of lazy weight on my shoulders. i like writing, though. i’m glad i’ve at least kept up with it this week. i’m going to try to do that more often, because this will probably be my blog for over the summer, when i’m at camp tecumseh. i still can’t believe that it’s final! i’m actually an employee there! craaaazy. i am so excited.

let’s switch gears, shall we?

last night we had man time. the subject was prayer, and we just hashed it out for an hour, talking about the significance of prayer, the motive and design of prayer, stuff like that. it really opened my eyes to the blessing God’s provided, that i’ve never really had difficulty or found it awkward to talk to Him. it’s just felt natural, which is something i took for granted until talking to others who are the exact opposite. it was a much smaller group for some reason, but that just made it easier to share, i think. next week we’ll be talking about fellowship, and i hope that everyone shows up for that one; it’ll be a good springboard for getting into some of the deeper stuff that most of the guys seem eager to discuss.

all righty. i’m gonna try to be a little productive before bible study and everything. then later tonight hopefully dad and i will be able to catch up on some 24. should be a good night.

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