something always brings me back to you…

it never takes too long
no matter what i say or do
i still feel you here
til the moment i’m gone.

1.) jordan thomas and i are singing this song as a duet for open mic night. needless to say, i’m excited. it’s gravity by sara bareilles. it’s not meant to be a duet, but we’ve had some fun coming up with harmonies and stuff for it. something about that kind of challenge is so fun for me. we were going to do the talent show, but we didn’t sign up in time. it’s okay though, cause we’ll just have fun with it. it’s such a beautiful song too!

2.) right now i’m listening to the how to train your dragon soundtrack. easily my favorite soundtrack ever, though finding nemo is second by a minuscule amount. it’s so… awesome.

3.) i have class in a half hour, and i don’t want to go. it’s honors 189, which i enjoy usually. lots of good, challenging discussion. but right now we’re talking about che and his life, and i’m having trouble getting motivated. usually i contribute in class, but i don’t seem to have anything to add today. i guess i’ll find out.

4.) before class, i’m going with a few people to buy tickets for the mercyme concert that’s coming in april! i’m excited. super excited.

5.) i just realized i have to go get cash before i can buy the ticket.

6.) crap.

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