summer caaaaaaaamp.

i haven’t written in a while. but so many things have happened.

okay, not really. but one big thing did happen: i got accepted to be a camp counselor for tecumseh! it feels so good to have that decision made and the knowledge of what i’m going to be doing this summer. i mean, i knew that God would accomplish His will and that everything would work out for better or worse, but it’s like… now it’s decided. it was a big sigh of relief (and happiness! i’m really excited to go there!)

i got the packet in the mail today which talked about everything that’s expected of me and all that. felt very official. me and another counselor will be chaperoning these kids around for the week, leading cabin time and stuff like that, and basically being these kids’ big brothers while they have a week of crazy fun while learning about God. it’s everything good about everything rolled into one week. i love it. i get two nights off a week, plus twenty-four hours on the weekend, so i feel like i won’t get burned out, which is really great. i’ll be able to keep this journal updated, and skype with the parents every now and then.

this whole thing, plus some other stuff, has just really been bringing to mind the blessings that God provides. He doesn’t need to provide me with a summer job (much less one that i would totally do for free anyway) or the millions of other tiny and humongous things He does. i’m going to a great university right now. i just got back from a job that i enjoy, and this week i’ll be spending time with friends that i love and have fun with. i’m breathing. i’m able to read and write, and dream of big ideas. i have the most supportive family ever.

the list just keeps going on. God is good and faithful in His provisions and love.

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