the second greatest story ever told.


series finale.

oh my goodness. i am floored. i’m not one to obsess over anything, but lost is easily the most captivating show i have ever watched. and it ended perfectly. i knew the ending beforehand, and was hesitant to even start the series, because everyone is dead at the end. but the truth is, it worked. it didn’t seem like the writers were scrambling to find an ending or anything. it just worked, perfectly.

enough of that. not because it’s all i have to say, but i’m just afraid i’ve already exposed myself as some geeky guy who sits hunched over his computer watching illegally downloaded tv shows in the darkness of his dorm room. this is not the case. netflix. plus i watched it with bec. plus it’s spring break, so… it’s okay.

anyway, there are other things going on as well.

i had two phone interviews for prospective summer jobs at different summer camps this week. both went well; i think i’m leaning toward tecumseh camp, if i’m offered a position. lately i’ve felt that God is moving me in that direction. it’s weird, cause when i came home my heart was dead set on doing summer project, but now… well, not so much, it’s an odd balance between trying to discern what God wants for me and not waffling between every option because "it feels right" or something.

ultimately, i know God will accomplish His will. i know that. i just wish i knew what His will is.

it’s late. tomorrow i’m taking joshua to breakfast before school, then mom and i are hanging out and grabbing lunch, then i’m going to campaigners. then i might have some friends over. we’ll see. tomorrow will be a great day though, regardless.


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