home sweet home.

it’s like breathing a sigh of relief. i’m home, and i’m here for a week. no responsibilities, no worries, nothing stressful. just quality time to spend with my family and friends. it’s the perfect way to end the most hectic week so far of the semester.

i understand that there are people who literally hate going home. i’m just not one of those people. i wouldn’t consider myself a homebody, but when i live five hours away, time with people i love but don’t get to see becomes precious. and my hometown is a beautiful place to me when i only see it a few times a year.

let’s go through the things i’m excited about.

1.) chicken nuggets and tater tots in the oven.

2.) no classes tomorrow/for the next week

3.) getting to do wyldlife and younglife stuff again! i miss those people so much.

4.) going to the library. the one at school just doesn’t cut it.

5.) talking with people i care about, about things i care about.

6.) visiting old friends. hoo boy.

7.) going on a date with mom 🙂

8.) reading for pleasure. just sitting in a comfy chair with nothing to do for the next few hours except read.

9.) not working this week. i mean, i like money, but it’s just not worth it for a week.

10.) not havin a bunch of stressful deadlines and decisions.

those were in no particular order. i’m just happy and content right now. mom and dad and bec are upstairs, and i’m listening to them talk. it’s so comforting. gotta admit, though, i’m struggling to keep my eyes open. i’m exhausted. and even though this week will be nice and relaxing, there are a few things i’m gonna have to deal with. mainly summer stuff.

let’s recap. i have a bunch of opportunities on the table. if my applications are accepted, i could be doing summer project at king’s domain, working as a counselor at camp tecumseh or springhill, maaaaaaaaaaaybe working as summer staff at a wyldlife camp, or working with newburgh wyldlife while i’m here. it’s just a lot of options. and i’m really trying to get a feel for what God’s will is in all of this. i truly want to follow Him and please Him. but these are all good things, you know? for the longest time my heart was set on summer project. it’s a summer camp, one of my best friends will be working there, and i get poured into. like, really poured into. but if this opportunity back home with wyldlife works out, i might be able to be working with my favorite people all summer, and glorifying God through it. i was talking to christy last night about it, actually. she had some good advice. after talking with her, she said like it sounded that my heart was for newburgh. and it is, i think. i think i should make a decision this week, depending on how everything goes. i have phone interviews for the other two camps, and hopefully steve will call me back about king’s domain.

it’s just a lot of unknowns. and i hate unknowns. i like knowing what’s going to happen, i like having a plan. right now there’s just possibility. and again, it’s all good. it’s not like i’m worried about having a crappy summer (God willing). but… blah. it’s just a choice i don’t want to make. actually, it’s a choice i do want to make, i just want it to be super obvious and super awesome.

anyway. dinner’s almost ready. i’m hungry.

until next time.

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