for starters…

i do not approve of being forced to watch an ad before i can post an entry. c’mon now. it’s just stupid. it makes me not want to buy the product.

all right. on to other things.

today i have to write a paper on what i would do if i were president of a latin american country for one day. i’m supposed to have some sort of plan to implement solutions for the economy, education, social injustice, and things like that. the problem is, it’s such a freaking broad topic that i simply don’t know where to start. i know i want to involve the people, because without support these things won’t get anywhere. so i’m thinking about some type of reverse-propoganda campaign, where real-life people are portrayed so that everyone (here including the rich) could see what kind of conditions the poor are subjected to.

even if i establish this, though, there has to be some sort of action that takes place. assuming that the sympathy card works and the rich are more inclined to help, i’ll probably induce a tax or something. the dumb thing is, i just don’t know enough about this side of things. i have to get the money from somewhere… do i tax exports? tax the rich? use the sympathy card with america?

i guess the main question i have is how other people are putting america into their papers… for instance, some past students have implemented a drama program for the people, to have an outlet to express themselves and stuff. where did america fit into that one?

i hope you can understand the weight of this decision.

that was a joke. it’ll be over by thursday. but i still want it to be good. i’ll just keep brainstorming i guess.

and on that note, i’m signing off.

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