rain, rain, go away.

the past week was amazing, weather-wise. it was beautiful out; blue, cloudless skies, a light breeze, the warm sun. i broke out my flip-flops again. i loved it.

today i woke up to rain and dark clouds. it was the single most depressing thing that’s happened in the past month. determined to prove some sort of point, i wore my flip-flops anyway and walked to class. my feet were numb after the five minutes it took to get there. after a nice reprieve inside the building, i had to walk to my second class. my feet were not numb this time, they were cold as ice and ached like none other. but i told myself it was going to be okay, that i could man up and take it. by the time i got to my third destination, i seriously thought that my feet might have fallen off a few blocks back. they somehow managed to go numb and be horribly painful at the same time, and i was limping.

i am now in socks and… heavy-duty shoes. they aren’t boots, but they are tougher than regular sneakers. hiking boots, perhaps. regardless, my feet are happier than they’ve been in a long time. here’s to hoping i don’t catch pneumonia for being an idiot.

i finished my paper, by the way. turned out okay, i guess. not my best. i was happy with the last paragraph, however, so that’s something. now i have to do psych homework before class tonight.


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